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Do I need to own my home before I can buy an investment property? +

Definitely not, If you have good equity in your existing property/s (we suggest at least $150,000) then you should talk to us.

Won’t it cost me a lot of money to hold the property? +

The cost to hold an investment property largely depends on your individual circumstances, however the majority of the time you can buy a $400,000 investment property and it will only cost you around $10pw, after rental income and taxation savings. Talk to us today so we can tailor a package specifically for you.

Will the bank lend me the money? +

We all love banks don’t we! CPPA utilises the services of specialised mortgage brokers who have extensive experience in the investment property market. They will structure a loan package that is best for you and not the bank. They specialise in taking the stress out of the finance process and will make you feel comfortable in how it all works financially.

How long should I hold the property for? +

 Property investment is a long-term investment strategy (10 Years +) so if you want to make a quick profit then we suggest property investment is not for you. If you want to build considerable wealth over a 10 + year period then we strongly suggest you make an investment property/s a part of your overall investment strategy. It’s proven and it’s easier than you think.

I’ve had friends who have had a bad experience with tenants. +

We suggest you take out Landlords Protection Insurance to cover you against any tenant troubles. The truth is that the majority of tenants are fine and will pay on time. We can work with you and your Property Manager to ensure you get the best possible tenants. Remember: The Property Manager will screen all potential tenants for you (they do a tremendous amount of background checks on each potential tenant to ensure that you get the highest quality tenant).

It all sounds too hard so I might wait 6 months to see how things are then? +

One of our sayings at CPPA is: ‘If nothing changes, nothing changes’ and what we mean by that, is you need to act to improve your chances of creating wealth. Sure, we understand that it can seem daunting when buying your first investment property, however our friendly team of specialists are more than happy to answer any of your concerns. We are here to help you anyway we can and nothing is too much trouble for us when it comes to our clients. You might feel inexperienced, but we certainly are not and we are here to help.

Can I buy in my local area? +

Of course you can, but the question is, should you? We select our investment properties based on considerable research and due-diligence and free from personal biases. Ask yourself, would you rather purchase a property with the potential for significant capital gain and eventual investment success or simply purchase a property so you can drive by and check on it? CPPA recommends a diversified portfolio of properties to better spread your risk and rewards.

How do I know if it’s the right area to invest in? +

CPPA spends a considerable amount of time and money researching the right areas to invest in based on a stringent selection criteria. Each location has different characteristics and we will discuss with you in great detail the investment strategies in place and the selection criteria we have chosen before you commit to buy. We have been doing this for a considerable time and we believe our experience is invaluable in determining the right properties.

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You should refrain from reliance on this information without first obtaining suitable professional advice. **Our investment strategies are based on purchasing a brand new Investment Property, involving interest only borrowings, appropriate financial gearing, anticipated rental income, and tax incentives to achieve a low-cost affordable outcome.The example of $10/week to service a $400,000 investment property, is based on outcomes achieved for several of our clients. It may not be the case in your situation, and results will vary based on your taxable income and individual circumstances.

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