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Client Testimonials

A Gift Of Appreciation


After receiving your “gift of appreciation” earlier in the week, I have finally had the chance to sit down and see what it was all about.


 Must say, I have been totally blown away by your very generous gift. Something never expected nor ever previously experienced.


 I would like to extend my thanks to all of you that have made this “life impacting” journey so much easier and those working in the background whom I have not dealt with directly.


 Like the majority, investing in a property (or like in this case two!) is a huge decision and can make or break my financial future. All of you have provided the right information, in a way that has been easy to understand, answered all my questions, put me in touch with the right people to get the job done and when a few little hiccups occurred along the way, jumped onto them quickly getting them sorted.  


 All of you have made a huge impact on my life and my financial future.


 Thank you all.


Was Sceptical At First...Now We Have An Investment Property With Tenants!

When we were originally approached by CPPA I was sceptical but thought we had nothing to lose by meeting with a representative. We organised a meeting that was convenient to us and John arrived on time and took us through the proposal and process going forward. There was no sales pitch or pressure applied by John during the initial meeting. The presentation was professional and he was able to answer the questions we raised. We ultimately decided to move forward with the proposal and we now have an investment property with tenants!




Investment Property? I Thought This Ship Had Sailed!

At my age, I was a bit fearful about going in for an investment property. However, when John Tardy came over to explain the way CPPA would arrange this for us, all doubt and fear soon faded. Suddenly an investment property was a real possibility. My wife and I were even more confident after talking with the Finance Representative who looked after the loans and all the bank work. The builders finished the property in time and did a good job. CPPA looked after everything including getting us a good agent to look after the property. I can’t wait to get started on the next property.



Our CPPA Experience Has Been Nothing But Positive

In 2015 we purchased a new build property through CPPA.  Throughout the entire purchase and build process we have been most impressed with their customer focus, attention to detail and willingness to resolve issues quickly.  During initial discussions on investment options we never felt pressure to commit. The Sales Consultant provided what we felt were very well researched proposals with clear outlines of costs / options and  realistic income forecast and growth estimates. He also made himself available at any time to answer any queries we had.  Similarly with Finance, we were given a range of options with respective pros and cons clearly articulated and the eventual finance setup (which included refinancing of a separate investment property) setup was very straight forward. As the build process unfolded there was an issue with some potential construction delay by the chosen builder - We were informed early and readily kept updated, with the issue being smoothly resolved by the CPPA management team. Our experience with CPPA has been nothing but positive and we have no hesitation in recommending them as a property investment and development company.


CPPA Presented Us With Great Investment Opportunities

John from CPPA was very thorough in the sales process and presented some great investment opportunities. The proposition was very well presented making the decision making quite simple. He also introduced us to the other partners who made the finance an easy process. When issues arose, as they ultimately do the CPPA team were very proactive in getting a prompt resolution. This is really important as we live interstate and takes away a lot of the issues and risk in investing in properties like this. The property looks great and will be a good long term investment.


Very Transparent... Nothing Hidden!

With CPPA we know exactly what to expect. There was no sales pitch or sales pressure. We were presented with the information and options, and asked to make up our own minds.

For us, property is about the long term, as we're saving for our daughter's education and our retirement. We appreciate the way CPPA made all the details their own headache. Nothing was ever a drama, including refinancing our existing properties to best structure them for taxation deductibility (and no cross collateralisation). I have to say their service was excellent, and we hope to use them again for the next property investment.

Perfectly Done For My Investment

Initially we were telemarketed, and because I had a previous rental property experience with good returns, I agreed to meet with Rod Humphrey. He explained the differences CPPA deliver. Two  years earlier we built an investment home with another company, and although the returns worked out great, the experience of project managing the build ourselves was daunting. Rod explained the strengths of CPPA in delivering a seemless, done for me project management experience. 
So we went ahead and were given 2 options for location. I carefully researched these options and looked at growth potential and did my due diligence. We picked an area with multi industry growth potential to reduce any risk associated with say, just a mining area. 
Great UX - User Experience
CPPA does all the legwork with constant communication and updates. It's almost like investing in managed funds. CPPA would email forms, all we had to do was sign and send back. They looked after the land, council applications, the builder and all compliance issues. The difference is CPPA is proactive, rather than reactive. We never had to chase them for information as they were always forthcoming.
Loved the Webportal
In contrast to other companies out there we had an online portal to view our home's progress through the build. Photos, plans, documents - it's all there. Which is great because my wife Tracey can check for herself online for peace of mind, that all is going to plan. Overall I would say that CPPA delivers massive support compared to the others out there.

The Big Ideas Of Maximising Deductions And Rentability Make The Difference To Returns

John Tardy was really informative. He delivered quite an education, urging me to go off and do some research of my own.  But I found the strategies presented to be very sound and logical, which made me go with CPPA. 

The big ideas of maximising deductions and rentability make the difference to returns. It's making my rental property in a high occupancy, economic growth area my best bet at investing for profit.

They also found me the best rate lenders, doing all the work and running around. I can't recommend them highly enough. They managed the whole process, all I had to do is sign.

Communication Is Paramount

Your man Johann made the process of buying an investment home a painless easy one. Johann was extremely forthcoming with stats and the viability on selected areas for investment. There was no hidden agenda, and no hesitation in answering any question thrown at him. In the end we settled for Port Augusta with so many infrastructure developments occurring. Our investment is a positively geared one, and I have to say my wife and I went with CPPA not just because of that, but because of trust. You see we lost about $100,000 on a previous investment property with another company. So we had to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN this time. And yep you guys passed every test.

CPPA Made The Whole Process So Easy

CPPA made the whole process so easy. It was a seamless flowing experience from October to June. Picking the land in Hervey Bay, sorting the house design, arranging the finance. My tax professional recommended these guys and I’m so glad they did. We expect to do another investment home with them next year.



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